Super Slow Motion

One of the most effective and stunning technologies we employ in our product videography is the use of  high speed footage of up to 3000 and more frames per second to create super slow motion sequences. Falling and exploding objects, fast movements of people or animals or the invisible beauty of technical processes can be made visible for the human eye by slowing them down to almost a standstill.

At New Release we plan, develop, build and test(!) our high speed projects and film them with our expert partner Dr. Rudolf Diesel of ScienceMedia. The treatment of the high speed footage in post production is done in-house.

This Bosch video's main attraction lies in the super slow motion shots of a breaking flower pot. DOP and operator for the high speed footage was Dr. Rudolf Diesel of ScienceMedia.

Script & Creative Director: Markus Niedermeier

Camera & Lights: Daniel Ritter, Benjamin Strobel

High Speed Camera: Dr. Rudolf Diesel

Editor: Matthias Müller

Assistant: Maximilian Hemeier

  • CGI and Animation

  • On-Location DSLR-Video and Photography

  • Product videos