Product videos

We specialize in high end pack shots and product videography. We have been serving Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group for over 10 years as an exclusive supplier and have produced over 40 product videos and hundreds of individual clips for them, from vacuum cleaners to hair care products. These projects usually combine a range of technologies in one seamless production: live footage, still photography & stop motion, CGI, compositing and sound design. As a full service agency, we develop the concepts for the clients and execute every stage of production and post.

This is a demo-reel with some of the work we've done for Bosch and Siemens over the years. It showcases the integration of different technologies we use for these films.

And here is an actual full length product video for Bosch's Zoo'o, a vacuum cleaner specially designed for pet owners. The animals are called Tomtom and Sky and were great fun to work with.

An example of some work for a smaller client is one of our videos for the American Overseas Vote Foundation and their services.


Creative Director & Executive Producer: Markus Niedermeier

Editor: Markus Niedermeier, Matthias Müller

Camera & Lighting: Daniel Ritter, Benjamin Strobel, Markus Niedermeier

3D & Video Graphics: Branco Majewski, Peter Wrba, Matthias Müller, Markus Niedermeier

2D & 3D Graphics: Branco Majewski, Peter Wrba, Matthias Müller, Markus Niedermeier

High Speed Camera: Rudolf Diesel

  • Test the Max

  • On-Location DSLR-Video and Photography

  • Super Slow Motion