On-Location DSLR-Video and Photography

Many of our high end product videos are shot with our own DSLR equipment. We love the fact that we can offer superior image quality and flexibility while enabling clients to get great results without massive budgets. While studio set-ups are fairly straight forward with DSLR these days, we also have the experience and equipment to execute fast shoots and smooth production on location – ideal for interviews, architectural projects and outdoor shoots.

This video was a by-product of a photo shoot Markus was doing for YippieYo - the outdoor buggy. Matthias grabbed video shots with a Sony NEX VG-30 without interrupting the photography and edited this mood video as an extra service for our client.

Photography: Markus Niedermeier

Video: Matthias Müller

Models: Alexandra Kupka, Florian Röder

  • Super Slow Motion

  • CGI and Animation

  • Test the Max