Welcome to New Release, a film and media production company based in Bavaria, Germany and also in County Galway, Ireland! We develop and produce original content for syndication and plan and execute commercial film and media projects for agencies and corporate clients. What can we do for YOU?

  • Commercial Production

    In our contract work for corporations and agencies, we specialize in high end pack shots, product videography as well as corporate communication projects. We have been serving Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group for over 10 years as an exclusive supplier and have produced over 40 product videos and hundreds of individual clips for them, from vacuum cleaners to hair care products. Our projects usually combine a range of technologies in one seamless production: live footage, still photography & stop motion, CGI, compositing, sound design and music. As a full service agency, we develop the concepts for the clients and execute every stage of your production from first storyboards to final encoding of your media.
    Another important part of our work is corporate communication, both internal and external. In this capacity we work for clients like BMW, Allianz and Microsoft.

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