CGI and Animation

In our view, CGI works best when we can integrate it in our films without anyone noticing the switch in technologies, as in this picture. You’ll find plenty of examples in our product video section to illustrate this point. It always comes into play when we need to show technical features that are hidden or otherwise impossible to see, be they too big or small, too fast or slow or merely too abstract. The task then is to combine the live footage and the CGI into one seamless imagery, and we takeĀ  pride in achieving this even in projects that don’t come with Hollywood budgets.

Some projects, however, call for CGI-only execution. As film producers first and foremost, we have the ability to step away from the technology itself and focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and that is something that very often gets lost in technology driven tasks like CGI. We ensure that your projects remain idea driven, that the technical side of things doesn’t interfere with the creative side, and last but not least that the virtual doesn’t come at the price of the REAL.

This was a CGI-only project for a Bosch Haircare curler, where we develop and storyboard the script and then produce the video with dedicated artists, in this case Pete Wrba.

And here is a clothing iron steam station. The room is CGI.

Creative Direction: Markus Niedermeier

CGI: Peter Wrba

  • Test the Max

  • Super Slow Motion

  • On-Location DSLR-Video and Photography